Le Moulin de Daudet


Klaus Schulze | Le Moulin De Daudet
Klaus Schulze (electronics)
"Le Moulin De Daudet" was recorded between
March and September 1992 in Hambühren, Germany
Original producer: Klaus Schulze
Original release (without the track,
"The lon Perspective"): May 3, 1994
Re-release producer: Klaus D. Mueller
Re-release coordination: Michael Schmitz
Translations: Markus Schurr & Nigel Pemberton
Cover drawing by Li-Wen Kuo
Re-release layout by Thomas Ewerhard
All tracks are composed by Klaus Schulze, Tracks 1 to 21 are published 1994 worldwide by P..E.M. Musikverlag.
Track 22 "The lon Perspective" is published 2004 worldwide by P.O.E.M. Musikverlag.
This is the soundtrack to the French movie
"Le Moulin de Daudet" by director Samy Pavel.
Track 12 is not used in the film.
The bonus track was recorded by Klaus Schulze in early 2004 for the use on a promotion CD.
It was released during the Frankfurt music fair 2004 in only three hundred copies.