Beckwithia typa (Resser, 1931)


This specimen is a rare example of the aglaspid Beckwithia. Aglaspids resemble the modern-day horseshoe crabs, and contain as the most famous member the Beckwithia typa shown here, a monsterous creature reaching up to some 20 cm in overall length that is thought to have Beckwithia was named after Frank Beckwith, editor and publisher of the Millard County Chronicle of Delta, Utah in the early to middle 1900s, a man with a passion for trilobites. Aglaspids are thought by some scientists to have made the The aglaspidids survived into the Early Ordovician but died out by the end of the period. It has been proposed that they are related to the ancestors of horseshoe crabs and arachnids.

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    Amazingly good condition!, I can see granules on the face, and spines on the back. How long is the specimen?