Cedarina schachti n. sp.


Frontal area and preglabellar field long; anterior border evenly anteriorly arcuate; anterior sections of facial suture strongly anteriorly divergent; palpebral lobes large; pygidium relatively narrow and long.

The species is named in honour of Robert Schacht, who collected and donated the holotype and one of the paratype specimens.
source: The Marjuman trilobite Cedarina Lochman: thoracic morphology, systematics, and new species from western Utah and eastern Nevada, USA

The thorax of C. schachti has ten segments. The segments have a simple morphology (Fig. 5), featuring a well impressed pleural furrow with a transverse course and distal pleural regions that are tapered into blunt, posteriorly directed pleural spines. The eighth segment bears a long median axial spine. None of the other segments bear any axial nodes or spines. This morphology is all but identical to that seen in the articulated "richardsonellines" cited above. The only difference is that the remopleuridids have two additional thoracic segments posterior to the spine-bearing eighth.